Notre hôtel sur la Route des Grandes Alpes à Vars

Un pause le long de la route des grandes alpes ?

La Route des Grandes Alpes it's 720km allowing to travers the french Alpes from north to south, starting from Geneva Lake to arrive through the mountains to Nice on the edges of the Mediterranean.

This road passes through no less than 17 mythical mountain passes ! Among them the Col de Vars (2108 meters) and so our hotel :-) col de la Bonnette, de la Cayolle, de l’Izoard….

Would you like to take a break for one ore more nights during your journey ? We are labeled GTA (Grande traversée des Alpes) since 2017 and we propose to you : road book, circuits; maps and good advices at the reception.

Discover the Route Des Grandes Alpes !

The Route Des Grandes Alpes is a tourist itinerary on road that you could travers by a car, on motorbike and even on bicycle for the most fit between you. The complet itinerary is accessible since June to September when the highest mountain passes are ploughed.

If you are rather a hiker, you can profit of GR5 : GR mythical which connects also the Geneva Lake with the  Mediterranean Sea by the way near the hotel !

The itinerary of the Route Des Grandes Alpes

The itinerary of the Route Des Grandes Alpes

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